Ovais Sultan Khan is an independent Indian Human rights, justice and peace activist; and an independent consultant in policy and research.

Ovais has worked independently and with leading policy-makers and planners, politicians, intellectuals, academics, opinion leaders and activists of South Asia, Nordic and Maghreb (North Africa) regions in a number of national and international institutions, think-tanks, government-bodies and civil society on politics, knowledge, wisdom, alternatives, democratic governance, religious minorities, gender, religion, tradition and culture for more than a decade.
Ovais had the privilege of working with the South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED), at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) after his post-graduation. This was rare that a trained social worker started his career from a prestigious think-tank like CSDS of the Global South.
Ovais has worked with the Vanderbilt University, Alliance Defending Freedom (Int’l), Centre for Equity Studies, Pravah-UN Women, Delhi University and others. He contributes in the field of activism and nonviolent movements in his personal capacity.
In 2017, Ovais was appointed as an advisor of the Delhi Minorities Commission, quasi-judicial body under the Government of Delhi. As an advisor, he has had the honour of Chairing its panel documenting the Legal Status of Religious Spaces in and around West Delhi, in 2019; and heading another of its panel to probe an alleged terror-funding case, in 2018. Previously, he was on the board of ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony and Democracy), a socio-cultural organisation from 2016-2018, and headed the organisation for a year and half as Managing Trustee.
Ovais has acute political understanding, sharp analytical skills, networking and ability of bringing diverse opinions together on one platform. His work experience has shaped his skill sets, work ethics and his commitment to public service.
Ovais has completed his graduation and post-graduation in Social Work from the University of Delhi, and a post-graduate diploma in Human Rights, International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws from the Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy, Delhi. His academic training has given him a comprehensive understanding of the structural, inter-community and inter-personal dynamics of social, cultural and political realities. His academic experience includes more than five years of intensive field work. He has worked independently and with community based organisations responding to urban poverty, providing sustainable livelihoods, and peace building and conflict mitigation.
Currently, Ovais is an Advisor on human rights and Islamophobia at Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (the largest and oldest Muslim organisation). He is also a trustee of Future Council, which is a Delhi-based think tank, advocating human rights, justice, democracy, non-violence and well-being.

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